Werks Kappa Rear Frame Brace

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Werks Kappa Rear Frame Brace

Δημοσίευση  iliasGT Την / Το Κυρ Νοε 27, 2011 7:22 pm

Άποψη απο άτομο απ'το Kappaperformance για το δέσιμο του Werks

So I finally got a chance to try out their rear frame/suspension brace on my Sky, I like it!

A lot of suspension stuff like this is kinda hard to notice when you put them on, but this brace is a noticeable change. I'm running 275/45/18's on the back, which is about as tall as you can squeeze under the back of these cars. On a really hard launch, or under hard accel out of a good traction corner, I could get the tires to rub the frame at the front of the wheel well. When the car is sitting still, there's at least an inch or two clearance at the spot where it hits. The only explanation is that the suspension flexes enough to let the wheels pull forward that far, letting it rub. That's a lot of movement, but then again I'm putting a lot of hp and traction to those wheels and suspension.

So, guess what? I haven't gotten the tires to rub since I've had the brace on! That's pretty hard evidence that the brace works. It ties the A-arm mounting towers together pretty solid, so it would make sense that it would help hold the A-arms in place better. I would say it does! The rear end just seems so tight and responsive it's pretty cool. Come out of a corner sideways and a twitch of the steering and the rear end snaps right back in line. These cars don't really have a wheel hop issue (try driving a GTO), but with the brace it feels even smoother going in and out of wheelspin.

I'd definitely recommend the brace for anyone looking for better handling. I put a bunch of pictures of it up on my photobucket site, lots of duplicates but hopefully they'll answer anyone's questions about fit. I have the 3" Magnaflow exhaust on mine, it fits perfectly. In some of the pictures it looks like it's right on the exhaust pipe, but it actually has plenty of clearance. I tried to get some shots that show the clearance between the exhaust and brace. After having it on the car for awhile, I checked for any signs of it hitting, and there were none. Install is hella easy, it probably took me 20 minutes. If you have a Pro-Beam, you might want to get some longer bolts like I did. They'll fit but are just a tad shorter than I'd like. No problem putting the brace on with the Pro-Beam, there's no clearance or mounting issues either with or without the PB.

Hope this helps you guys that are looking for something to tell your wife to get you! This mod was definitely a good one imho.


Τιμή 225$ + μεταφορικά.Απο αυτά που γράφει με ψήνει πάρα πολύ να το παραγγείλω μιας κ θα βιδώνει τον κώλο κάτω κ στις εκκινήσεις κ στις στροφές.Πιστεύω θα συνεργάζεται άψογα με το probeam.Για να δούμε...

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